Benefits of ethanol

Ethanol (EtOH medical abbreviation) is an important ingredient in many things we choose today, and we should know about the benefits of the same as well.

Before we move ahead, you should know the meaning of EtOH. Etoh is a colourless liquid, which is an important ingredient in alcoholic beverages.

When we talk about the uses of ethanol, there will be a lot to talk about. We have categorized it as follows.

  1. Personal care products

If you use personal care products, you should know that most of these personal care products have a common ingredient, and that is ethanol. It is important because it acts as an astringent that helps in keeping the skin clean. If you use lotions, your selected product might have ethanol as it is a preservative and ensure that the lotion ingredients do not get separated. Only when this happens, you feel at ease to use the lotion and enjoy the benefits of the same. Ethanol is even used in hair sprays as it helps the spray in adhering to the hair.

Ethanol is even important because it is very effective in killing microorganisms like fungi, viruses, and bacteria. So, it is commonly used in many hand sanitizers as well.

  1. Household cleaning products

Ethanol is one ingredient that mixes easily with water and a number of organic compounds. This makes it an effective solvent that can be used for lacquers, varnish, and paints. Ethanol is even important because it can knock out organisms that can be harmful to the consumers. So, it is used as a preservative in household cleaning products.

  1. Food additives

Not many people know that ethanol is even used as a food additive. The reason behind it is that it helps in evenly distributing food colouring and, at the same time, enhances the flavour of food extracts. For instance, if you use vanilla extract for making cakes, chocolates, pastries, or any other items, you are using ethanol indirectly. Likewise, there are a few other extracts that are considered by the masses only when ethanol is present in the same. This is helpful, and it makes a considerable impact on the consumer’s needs.

  1. Fuel and energy

Ethanol is considered to be an effective source of energy because it uses fewer fossil fuels to be generated when compared to gasoline. So, it helps in saving energy. Remember that we need the energy to generate other sources of energy, and this is where ethanol comes in handy. Interestingly, most of the gasoline that is available in the United States contains ethanol. Ethanol is considered to be better than gasoline because it helps in providing better blending properties, as noted by the U.S. Department of Energy.

While ethanol has a number of benefits for humankind, it is not good for some people. It can have some harmful effects as well.

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