Behind The Scenes With Your Orthodontist

Teeth that aren’t straight can impact everything from your self-esteem to the way that you clean your teeth. An option that you have is to visit an orthodontist who can provide options for straightening your teeth. Traditional braces are an option to consider along with invisible braces that you and others are unable to see. These are clear trays that you keep in your mouth for most of the day that will gently shift your teeth until they are aligned.

When you visit any orthodontists fresno ca office, you need to keep in mind that the staff and the doctor will usually be able to tell if you haven’t been cleaning your teeth the way that you should after treatment begins. The doctor will also be able to tell if you haven’t been using the orthodontic appliances or wearing the invisible trays as you should. There are usually marks on the aligners that fade over time if you wear them properly. If you have bands or other appliances that are supposed to be worn with metal brackets, then your teeth should shift rather quickly if you use them as your doctor asks.

Even if you’re given an estimate for the length of treatment, it will likely be longer than this time. Your orthodontist wants to ensure that your teeth are positioned just right. When you meet for the first time, there could be a misdiagnosis in your oral condition that could lead to a longer period of time for treatment. If you don’t take care of your teeth as you should, then that can also extend the amount of time for treatment.

One of the things to keep in mind about orthodontic treatment is that it’s not always cheap. However, there are usually options available if you don’t have the full payment up front. Most offices will let you make monthly payments or will even offer a reduced price if you are able to pay at one time. Avoid letting the costs associated with orthodontic treatment keep you from getting the straight teeth that you desire.

When you’re done with orthodontic treatment, you’re going to have to wear some type of retainer in order to keep your teeth in place. This retainer is usually worn for the rest of your life. It helps to prevent shifting in the future. Some retainers can be removed when you eat while others can be permanently placed. If you don’t wear your retainer properly, then you might notice that your teeth will begin to move apart over time.

If you choose to wear invisible braces, your orthodontist will usually be able to tell if you eat or drink while the trays are in your mouth. The items that you eat tend to stain the trays, which will then be detected when you go for your visit. Although braces are often worn for cosmetic reasons, you might need to wear braces so that you can properly clean your teeth or so that you can talk normally as teeth that aren’t aligned can impact your speech.

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